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Book Review: Fins and Grins: Searching For Balance Between the Family Life and the Fishing Life By Charles N. Cantella

     Author Charles Cantella gives a disclaimer in the prologue that this book is faction—some of it fact and some of it fiction. I would rather believe that the short stories that make up this masterpiece is perhaps more fact-based than he would let on, because more often than not the truth is stranger (and way funnier) than fiction. The reader gets the impression early on that Cantella is an average, down-to-earth guy, just like they are, and they figure out by the third page that they are in for a fun ride. He sure knows how to turn a phrase:       They chose that creek not so much for its trout, or its scenery (although both were abundant), but              because the creek was relatively shallow and everyone felt that we couldn’t possibly drown there and      if we did somehow manage to drown in a creek that was no more than a few feet deep, well then we         didn’t really deserve that swimming badge we’d earned at summer camp the year before, did we? –         fro